Our Story

Our Cattle 

Angus BeefAt Torino Best Meat, we are devoted 4th generation family ranchers and we raise our Hereford and Aberdeen Angus cattle for their entire lifecycle overseeing that they live humane and natural lives. Our cattle graze on a rich grassland at their leisure in their home of meadows and natural pasture with an abundance of crystal clear water to drink and pure clean air to breathe. As nature intended, their diet does not contain added hormones or antibiotics. Animal welfare is a top priority for us. The foundation of our company is cemented by our own family values. Like any family, we would never offer anything less than the best to our own family and this is what we offer customers and consumers. As a supplier of grass-fed, grass-finished, and USDA Organic red meat, we believe that “What we do everyday has lasting consequences on the planet we live on.” Our sustainable products are “All Natural” and contain the highest industry standards and more importantly, Torino Best Meat standards. We are established on the virtues of quality assurance, traceability, and animal welfare.


Channels of Distribution

We sell & distribute products in the following channels:

Food service / Retail / Industrial / E-commerce (Website Store)

Our food service distribution consists of a product line of whole grass-fed or organic whole muscle primal cuts. For the retail channel, we have grass-fed and organic ground beef in multiple lean points in addition to portion control cuts such as individual ribeye steak, filet mignon, sirloin steak, flank steak, and skirt steak among several other steak cuts. For the industrial sector, we offer portion control cuts, beef trimming, and ground beef.


Quality assurance

Our Commitment

Torino Best Meat ProcessingAt Torino Best Meat, food safety is of greatest importance. All of our facilities are closely managed and operated under strict HACCP Program, GFSI Standards, and USDA Organic standards. Each of our products are inspected daily to guarantee their safety and quality at our on-site labs. This includes our robust sensory program that consistently tests our products for critical attributes such as taste, texture, and appearance. As a certified USDA Organic standard company, we always aim to exceed all production, labeling requirements and regulations, including adhering to stringent sanitary procedures.


Product Traceability

Accountable and Responsible

Hereford Cattle TorinoIn today’s world, traceability of the food we eat is a leading concern.Consumers are invested in learning beyond what they eat, but also where their food came from and what the livestock ate and drank. Because Torino Best Meat raises its cattle from birth and know their genetic makeup, we are acquainted with the cattle’s entire life. This includes everything from the water they drink, grassland they graze on, and ranchers responsible for their health and well-being. We consistently cultivate a humane and healthy life for them from beginning to end. We assure our customers and consumers that our traceability program is state of the art and an integral part of our food safety program.


Animal Welfare

Care for Our Cattle

We stand by sustainable practices in all areas of business, including animal welfare. Protecting their well-being is not only the right thing to do, we believe it’s our responsibility. Exceptional animal health, proper animal handling and humane harvesting are essential elements of responsible food production. Our company’s core values include a commitment to serve as stewards of the animals entrusted to us. It’s an important moral and ethical obligation we owe our suppliers, customers, ourselves and most of all the animals our livelihoods depend on.


Product Development

Technical Services and Product Innovation

Product innovation is a key aspect of our business model to maintain our position as one of the leaders in the industry. We believe in educating our consumers with the right products that help them achieve their goals while meeting their satisfaction. To meet these objectives, we conduct extensive research and consumer trend analyses, including studying new technologies and processes. This is our way of committing to set a new standard in developing innovative and high-quality products.


Product Development